Dhwani Dattani

Dhwani Paresh Dattani, Ex Chief Financial Officer, Suumaya Industries Limited

Dhwani Paresh Dattani, an experienced finance professional, previously served as the Chief Financial Officer and Key Managerial Personnel at Suumaya Industries. With over 8 years of experience in finance and taxation, Dhwani had a strong background in modeling tools, soft skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the industry. She had completed her Commerce degree, Chartered Accountancy, and semi-qualified CFA from Mumbai.

Before joining Suumaya Industries, Dhwani had an impressive career working with well-known organizations such as Deloitte India, BDO India, Acquisory Consulting, and Reliance Communications. She had also co-founded a financial consultancy firm called Green Capital. Throughout her career, Dhwani specialized in various areas, including equity and ESOP valuation, fundraising, investment banking transactions, credit and equity resources, and advising SME clients on forming a Category II AIF. Her expertise extended across multiple sectors, such as manufacturing, textiles, NBFC, entertainment, and supply chain finance.

During her tenure as the Chief Financial Officer at Suumaya Industries, Dhwani played a vital role in providing strategic guidance and insights to support the company’s growth and success. Her passion for business and unwavering belief in Suumaya’s vision and values made her an integral part of the team.

However, it appears that Dhwani Dattani has recently resigned from her position at Suumaya Industries. The specific reasons for her resignation are not provided in the given information. It’s possible that she has moved on to pursue new opportunities or has taken a different career path.